Too Little Time In Texas

I knew Texas was big, I mean they love to tell the whole world that everything is bigger in their fair state, but after having spent the past few days in Texas I concede that the natives aren’t wrong!!! It’s not just the physical size of the state but it’s also their state pride, from the stickers on the cars to the glorification of the disaster that was The Alamo to Albert the born & bread San Antonioan riverboat driver, who was full of such local & state pride that he had folks on the river bank clapping as he shouted & and exclaimed his way through the tour of absolutely glorious riverside cruise!
I must confess I’m a Texas convert, and I know I’ve only seen a few sites but for those planning a trip The El Capitan Hotel in Van Horn would have to be the most darling place we’ve stayed at, and San Antonio … well you’ve won this Aussies heart … and I’ve got the Spurs cap to prove it!!

Houston & Beaumont next … I hope you’re dressed to impress!!



P.S. as promised a playlist of Texans … which took all my strength not to make it all about Lyle Lovett, with only 2 of his songs!!!

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