Blue Plate Special … special

As a thank you for having me on WDVX Blue Plate Special today (12/13/2016) I am offering a 30% discount on all my merchandise for the next week! This includes the special BPS secret album pre orders!

So you have a few options;

  1. Click on the ‘Store’ to be taken to my online store to purchase the Hell’s Half Acre EP and other merch.
  2. Click on this link HERE to pre order a physical copy of my debut album (which includes a digital download of Hell’s Half Acre)
  3. Click on this link HERE to pre order a digital copy of my debut album  (which includes a digital download of Hell’s Half Acre)

To claim the 30% discount please enter the discount code WDVX.

Please don’t forget to sign up to my mailing list for updates

or find me on social media.

xo Gretta xo


  1. Peter Scheffler

    I heard some of your performance on the Blue Plate today and was disappointed I couldn’t be there. You were excellent! so I signed up for your newsletter. I was trying to order your music from your website, but the links to the preorder process don’t seem to work.

    1. GrettaZiller (Post author)

      Hi there, thank you so much for letting me know!!

      I have updated the links. If you go to you’ll find them there too.

      So glad you enjoyed my performance!


  2. Peter Scheffler

    Thanks! Done! I just listened to the first two tracks of Hell’s Half Acre and will listen to the rest tomorrow. I like hearing an artist solo and then the full band versions.


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