Slaughterhouse Blues Video Clip!!

Slaughterhouse Blues is the lead and first single lifted from Queen of Boomtown. A song about the need to escape, it tells the story of living in a small-minded town and needing to get out by any means possible. Lyrically and melodically, it’s a bit of a ‘tip of the hat’ to one of Ziller’s main songwriting influences, Steve Earle, whilst staying true to her own unique style.

“Although Slaughterhouse Blues is about getting out of a small town, many people find themselves in similar situations (and I know I have), where they wake up one day thinking, I don’t fit in here, or I don’t want this to be me or my future,” says Ziller. “It’s that desire we all get for change and betterment of our situation and lives.”

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Videographer – Oscar Beltran
Extra – Andrew Swift

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