Melbourne Album Launch Announcement


First impressions aren’t always right. If you’ve been foolish enough to nail down the sound of acclaimed songwriter Gretta Ziller, then prepare to have the rug pulled out from under you. Queen of Boomtown, her stunning debut record, defies categorisation and demands repeated listens.

Recorded at Woodstock Studios in Melbourne, Ziller’s sound may bear the hallmarks of classic Americana music but its essence is far more diverse. The Melbourne songstress’ roots span jazz, blues, rock, pop and classical, that eclectic musical upbringing is reflected in the varied tracks of this full-length album.

Queen of Boomtown is due for release Friday, 1 September through indie record label, Social Family Records. The Melbourne songstress will perform all the songs from her acclaimed collection, with some select special guests, at the Croxton, Thornbury on Thursday, 31 August.







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